Realizing the Value of HIT: How to Reinvent Your Team, Increase Agility, and Improve Outcomes


Today’s healthcare technology teams juggle a host of priorities: business stakeholder demands, daily support needs, infrastructure upgrades, and more. Successfully executing these competing requirements is an accomplishment in itself.

However, is there an opportunity to realize additional value from HIT? Can we reveal untapped potential by reconsidering technology’s role in the healthcare ecosystem?

Burwood Group’s Healthcare Team writes that healthcare organizations need a parallel evolution of their technology teams; one that reduces focus on serving technology, and increases focus on serving people. This reinvented team pivots from “tactical manager” of discrete technologies to “strategic curator” with a visionary approach to advancing both the business and practice of healthcare.

No healthcare system can afford to view technology with outdated assumptions. To consider your organization’s next move, download this whitepaper today.